Little girls dream of being a ballerina and this dancing Ballerina Cake will keep you on pointe with a cake pattern and time lapse video.

Let’s meet a Ballerina named Florina and warmup at the barre.

Florina was a ballerina who loved to twirl. Even strangers on the streets asked, “Are you dizzy, girl?”

Spinning three times and ending with a plie, Florina told everyone who’d listen, “I’m going to be a ballerina on stage one day.”

Her favorite class was with the ballerina, Madame Trudeau. It was the day of the week she wore her pink hairbow.

Stretching at the barre and getting lots of praise, she reminded the class their first recital was in five days.

The music began and chill bumps dotted her arms. It was time to dance and show off her practiced charms.

Smiling brightly with her chin up slightly, she pranced onto the stage. For this was her moment to shine as she spun on a dime and judging by the  audience response, clearly amazed.

She was so excited after the show and her dad gifted her with a rose. Not knowing what her parents had in store, they led her into a room with balloons galore.

And to her surprise classmates were waiting, anticipating the look upon her face. Oh me. Oh my. She had completely forgotten, it was her sixth birthday.

Heart full of grace her eyes focused on the cake and she squealed with delight. Closing her eyes to blow out the candles, she whispered giddily, “I wish, I might, remember this night” and her eyes shone bright.

A ballerina on stage on her birthday and a ballerina cake, those three wishes had come true.

In her own little world Florina the ballerina began to twirl. She twirled and twirled…and twirled.


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Ballerina Cake
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