This contemporary Barbie Silhouette Cake gives an uptown jive designed in the color theme – red, white and black.

Why not pink? Simple. Not all gals continue to gorge on pink after their 5th birthday. Sooo…this is a sophisticated version for all the sisters who still love Barbie forever ‘n ever. 

(Scroll on down for the timelapse video: How to Make a Barbie Silhouette Cake.)

To be totally honest, I was a late Barbie lover bloomer. My mother would not allow me to play with a Barbie or Ken. Her remarks were , “the body shapes are out of proportion … grotesque! What body looks that weird?”

(Now’s the time to say that Mom was 5’2″ & Dad 6’1″?) sealed

In my late teens,  I began to resemble this gal on the Barbie Silhouette Cake and began to morph in Barbie’s image more ‘n more.

I was in the ‘dithers.’ I was cursed by hormones.

And then people couldn’t remember my name.  *sigh* Instead of Brenda, I’d hear, “Barbie!”

Needless to say, as soon as the name change would happen, I’d be a teary-eyed emotional wreck. My body image was pratically in the sewer with the words Mom thought of Barbie – gross ‘n weird.

It wasn’t the greatest time period in my life.

I began to morph even more in my twenties. Modeling agencies loved long legs ‘n skinny gals – grotesque ‘n weird became a good thing.

And the best thing EVER to happen to me? I had a baby girl. Did she play with Barbie? She sure did! All the Barbie dolls of the world.

Were their body issues? Uh-huh. But now she’s all grown-up and proud to be a Barbie body. How come?

‘Cause with longer legs … she can eat more.

(That’s a joke … got it?) sealed

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Barbie Silhouette Cake
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