Can I refrigerate a fondant cake? How do I keep my fondant decorations from melting?  I read these questions in Facebook groups all the time.

And yes you can! Let me show you how.

Here are examples of decorated cakes that were refrigerated. Yep, these cakes were in the fridge fully decorated before these photos.

Unicorn Princess Cake – An enchanting buttercream cake with fondant decorations and gorgeous Unicorn Sprinkle Pop sprinkles. 

Flamingo Shower CakeBella the Flamingo fondant cake with fondant and gumpaste decorations accented with Wilton Easter sprinkles on a buttercream border. Can I refridgerate the fondant designs and sprinkles? Yes, you can!

Mermaid Cake – Color dusted Merry the Mermaid on a fondant cake with fondant ruffles accented with cookie sand and candy pearls. Can I refridgerate a fondant cake? And all these decorations? Yes, you can!

Princess Cake – a 2-tier fondant ruffled Princess cake (except the crown) with the brooch and pearls.

And photo down below: the top tier of a wedding cake (excuse the pic, it’s one of the 1st and before my camera) covered in fondant with a sugar lace design. The tier is in the refrigerator waiting for assembly. 

The best part of a chilled cake? It stabilizes the cake for delivery. With this technique, you will never post, Can I refrigerate a fondant cake? again. And if you live in a humid hot area, this technique will keep the flowers and toppers from wilting.
I can still remember the 1st fondant cake. I had a panic attack with nightmares that the fondant had slowly slid off the buttercream. I’d wake up and check to make sure the cake was still standing. It was dismal. And then Erica O’Brien saved the day. I’d actually like to take credit for this cake problem solver, but it wouldn’t be fair.  Thanks Erica, I sleep like a babe now.

How not to ask, Can I refrigerate a fondant cake?

Let’s get started…

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Can I Refrigerate a Fondant Cake?
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