Kick-up your cake a notch (or maybe two) with this sweet ‘n spicy Chipotle Chocolate Ganache.

Complimentary with grilled meats, it’s the ‘guinda del pastel’  that withstands the Texas heat. (Well  in the shade that is…’cause nothin’ is that non meltable but it’s pretty darn close.)

And to give you a reference point of the summer heat index, ever so often it’s common to see a braggin’ Texan frying eggs on the sidewalk.

Why? Don’t rightly know.

Chipotle Chocolate Ganache

It’s just another Texan thang, sorta like, if you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen, followed with a yeehaw and, ‘ Oh by the way, don’t let the door hit you in the arse when you leave.’ 

Texans love braggin’ rights, even if it’s the stifling heat. *sigh* It’s in the DNA.

One of the things learned quickly here in the Lone Star State is a celebration needs goodies that won’t go rancid in an hour, ’cause nothing ruins a hoedown like having the runs.

And Texas bakers get nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs when observing buttercream sliding in a gentle slow motion off a decorated party cake…

…’cause nobody wants to go there.

Yessiree,  a stick of lard in a mixer and a load of sugar can also handle the Texas heat.  And if it’s on the menu, who am I to judge?

To each his own.

Personally, I can’t seem to wash the darn lard off my hands and with each bite I  visualize the buttercream sticking directly to my innards and clogging up the old arteries.

Cibophobia is my best guess.

Chipolte Chocolate Ganache

So my preference is ‘butter’cream and when the temps begin to rise for outdoor events it’s the perfect time for a decadent chocolate ganache.

And this Chipotle Chocolate Ganache is ‘au naturale’  and you control the heat.

It’s simply, udderly delicious!

For reference points look closely to the above photos.

2nd pic: the refrigerated  cake was (in the shade) outside for approximately 30-45 minutes/temp in the low 90’s. Notice the cake has a glossy, creamy look; softer ganache.

Whereas the 4th photo: the cake was removed from the fridge in an air conditioned room for the indoor photo shoot.

Note: It’s best to keep the cakes refrigerated until party time. The longer the ganache sits outside in warm/hot weather, the softer the chocolate on the cake.

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Bonus Video:  How to Make Chipotle Chocolate Truffles.

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Brenda Broadway, Sugar Artist & Blogger

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Chipotle Chocolate Ganache Recipe Yum
Kick-up your cake a notch (or maybe two) with this sweet 'n spicy Chipotle Chocolate Ganache. Complimentary with grilled meats, it's the 'guinda del pastel' that withstands the Texas heat. (Well in the shade that is, 'cause nothin' is that non meltable but it's pretty darn close.) ~recipe by BB Bakes Sugar Art
  1. Add chipotles with adobe sauce to a heat-proof bowl. (1 chipotle pepper with adobe sauce = mild smoked spicy flavor.)
  2. In a saucepan, stir and bring cream to a slight boil over moderately low heat and pour over peppers. Carefully swirl bowl to submerge peppers in hot cream. Cover and chill overnight.
  3. Roughly chop chocolate; add to a heat-proof bowl.
  4. Reheat chipotle cream, stir to a slight boil over moderately low heat; remove chipotle peppers. Pour over chocolate; swirl the bowl to submerge chocolate.
  5. Cover and allow ganache to stand undisturbed for 5-minutes.
  6. Whisk ganache gently until smooth.
  7. Cool ganache to room temperature. (The ganache should coat a spoon nicely when ready for cake coverage.)
  8. Set a chilled cake onto a wire rack with a sheet pan underneath (to catch drips), pour ganache onto the top center of the cake.
  9. Quickly spread ganache evenly over top and sides of the cake with a long, narrow spatula.
  10. Allow cake to stand at room temperature until ganache is set; approximately 5-minutes.
  11. Keep cake at a cool temperature in the fridge until ready to serve.
Chipotle Chocolate Ganache
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