Do you need a lustful dessert? I have the perfect tart for you! Above all, this Couples Love Tart will add a spark to your love life.

The ingredients are simple to prepare. And the short dough adds a hint of dark chocolate to the dessert. Also the layering of caramelized chocolate, espresso milk chocolate and pure white chocolate guarantees a romantic ending to the meal.

More to the point, here’s to a bit of prelude for sweet lovin’ on your date night and, most importantly let’s start baking!

What gives this tart a 5-star rating? It’s the aromatic taste of expresso in every bite with three layers of creamy chocolate.

A further plus to this recipe is the preparation for the dessert. For instance, the short dough can be prepared and frozen in advance. Additionally, the Couples Love Tart can be double-wrapped and frozen for up to 3-months.

But more than anything, your date night got easier!

As a way of comparison, imagine the taste of the tart above. It’s a mouthful of chocolate lustfullness.

On top of that, it’s hubby approved! Couples Love Tart

Couples Love Tart

Watch the YouTube video and click here for the Couples Love Tart recipe.

In the meanwhile, click the link on How to Make Caramelized Chocolate. For this reason, the caramelized chocolate needs to be made in advance.

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Couples Love Tart
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