I don’t mean to sound paranoid but going into the hardware store to design this DIY Wooden Cupcake Stand gave me a mega dose of *sigh* paranoia.

The uneasy feeling began as soon as I parked my Corvette in the contractor’s parking lot.

I honestly didn’t know if was because men are naturally attracted to sports cars or if the male stares were wondering what kind of building supplies would actually fit in the hatch and I’m blonde.

Surely the blonde factor doesn’t apply here?

DIY Wooden Cupcake Stand

I mean…seriously…the store stocks nuts and screws!

What’s the big deal?

And that’s when I took a deep breath and made a calm decision that it was probably raging testosterone car admiration.

Sashaying toward the front entrance, I gained a smidgen of confidence just knowing that there are times I’ve gotten smirks and chuckles from both sexes when shopping at the local Sam’s Club and that’s okay ‘cause I’m an expert on arranging purchases.

And just between me and you, I sincerely enjoy seeing amazement on faces when smugly closing down the hatch.

It’s always ‘high-five’ time on my steering wheel.

But the rednecks inside the hardware store had a completely different look on their faces. And those ‘eye squints’ with the ‘raised eyebrows’ were the ultimate worse. Those rude men would glance at my face and then stare in wonderment at my breasts.

What the heck? Did they ever watch the news?


The worst part was, I got all the way to aisle B-17 before bending over to check out the wooden buns to realize that it wasn’t my breasts getting all the ogles, it was the blasted Canon camera strapped around my neck.

Boy…did I feel…??

DIY Wooden Cupcake Stand

Yep, that’s when I got my ‘mojo’ for this DIY Wooden Cupcake Stand blog post. And to not ‘bore’ you with all the redneck guy photos that are now on my Canon while overcoming a traumatic trip to Lowe’s, I’ll spare your eyes with a suggested list of supplies.

 (3) Ash Bun Foot 

(2) High Old English Wood Table Leg Bun Foot

(1) Square Taper Hardwood Bun Foot

(1) Display Cake Board Footed Round 35 cm (13.7 Inch) 

Natural Unfinished Wood Napkin Rings

Clear Contact Paper

Spray Paint (color of choice)

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DIY Wooden Cupcake Stand
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