Bella knew that she was a little too flamboyant, but she didn’t care. The dream of being on a Flamingo Shower Cake  was known everywhere.

Primping and styling her vibrant feathers took up most of her time.

And  the beauties in the colony kept telling her to eat more algae, plankton and brine.

One sunny day a purple ribbon waved to her in the shallows. She was destined to be here in the lagoon for the ground was hallow.

Wading closer to the bungalows a rain boot floated by the shore. On the beach she found a matching umbrella she simply adored.

To her surprise a golden necklace glistened half hidden in the sand.

And when a loving beak placed the beads around her neck Bella claimed Lingo, her flamingo man.

That’s when she heard the clicking noise coming from the pier. The sound was soothing she had no fear.

With a closer look, the camera came into view. The dream of being on a Flamingo Shower Cake was finally coming true.

Posing and twirling for just the right angle, when the session was over the human asked for her handle.

He loved her style, she was sure to make the cover. She was a flamboyant flamingo like no other.

Bella was enlightened that day.  A lesson she could relate. Looking for beauty in everyday things she became a beauty queen.

And to add to her joy and happiness she’d found Lingo, the flamingo mate of her dreams.

Moral of the story: Just be you. Life isn’t always as it seems. Always smile. And allow your inner beauty to glow. For this is life and it’s your show.

Stand tall. Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.

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Flamingo Shower Cake
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