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Fun Facts

(1) Can deadpan with ease and inner chuckle when an individual reacts with a puzzled look and thinks or whispers to someone else, ‘Is she serious?’

(2) Writes humorous short stories to my grandson. The novelettes are meant for him to find when he is older and to understand that his GlamMa is not growing senile. Then again, he may read the stories and think, ‘Has she always been this daft?

(3) Mesmerized with Kill Bill movies. I’m so transfixed with the kick butt action when the titles appear on the television playlist my family speed dials the remote.

(4) Blames Martha Stewart for my obsessive compulsive label maker personality disorder.  On the other hand, thanks to Martha if someone asks for help in finding an item, I can always remark, “Can’t you read?”

Fun Facts

(5) Sightseeing in U.K. I’d ask for directions and the British would respond to my inquiry with, “Do you speak English?” Finally at the end of the week, I’d answer back, “No, I speak Texan!” Hey y’all, I do keep my trainers in the boot!

(6) Attributes the song Daydream Believer with having learning listening difficulties. Why I don’t know? The only part of the lyrics that resonated in my youth was a white knight on his steed and then I always hummed the rest of the song.

(7) Favorite musical/comedy: Mama Mia! Everyone needs to have a dream, a S.O.S. love beacon on a Greek island and to pause every ten minutes to be a free-spirited dancing queen singing a popping Abba tune! Mama Mia!

(8) Cranky and tired, I told my ministerial dad that the accumulation of hours spent at church had exhalted me to the heavenly status of angel wings. Never missing a beat, he stated, “From where I’m standing your wings look a little off-kilter and can withstand a little polishing.”

Fun Facts

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the Fun Facts. Kick off your boots and stay awhile!

Here’s to the sweet life,

Brenda Broadway

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Brenda Broadway

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Brenda Broadway lives in Texas on a family-owned water ski ranch. She loves to hike around the lake and in the woods, studying animal tracks and wildlife that roam the acreage she calls home. Brenda graduated from The Art Institute of Houston (AIH) and studied at the Glassell School of Art/The Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH). She’s a sugar artist & blogger, wife, mother & GlamMa. Favorite quote: ‘Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet!’

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