Have you ever been inspired to make a cake, just because? This Gift Box Cake Top design was one of those because I love you inspirations.

One of those design times that inspires love you to the moon & back, a hundred million zillion times.

GIft Box Cake Top

My daughter was born a few days after Christmas. And it’s that time of year when traditional sweets give a sugar rush hangover.

It’s the holiday time of year when all her friends are busy with grandparents and vacations.

School is out.

No one fun is around.

And then here comes the New Year.

It’s a dud.

Monique Sleeping

In the olden day, I felt so guilty that I hadn’t kept her in the bun warmer longer, Easter was designated as another party day.

She’d get an Easter basket over-filled to the brim. Not with candy but with all sorts of surprises – gift cards, shoes and Cadbury eggs – and always a stuffed bunny.

And then a grandson came along and filled her spot.

Mason's Easter Basket

This year, I decided to make Monique a Valentine’s Day surprise party cake. I wanted to deliver a cake to where she works to celebrate and share with her co-workers and friends.

And Mo loves shoes. There are so many shoes in her closet, neatly organized, that it’ll blow your mind.

The cake had to be special. The cake design needed to compliment a sugar shoe.  And that’s when I decided to create an extraordinary Gift Box Cake.

She’d love it! It’d be the hit of the party.

I’d never made a sugar shoe before and the best place to learn the ‘how to’s was with Elisa Strauss.  Elisa is the ultimate sugar shoe designer. She’s the best darn sugar shoe instructor… EVER!

So, I moseyed on over to Elisa’s Craftsy class.  And to my delight, there was a bootie. A bootie that Mo would wear & cuddle in her closet.

I was hooked. And without a moment of hesitation, signed-up for her Craftsy class.

Here’s the link

Warning: sugar shoes can be as addicting as the real thing.


And then the free-standing gift box top interfered with my beauty sleep.

I researched Google until my eyes were tired.

No information. No dimensions. No anything that would amount to a spoon full of sugar.

So I want to share with you how the gift box cake top is constructed. It’s easy to prop/slant in an open-style. It’s easy to plop on top of the cake.

Simple & super easy! Get some zzz’s!  

Gift Box Cake Top – Equipment Required

STEP 1: To measure the size box for the cake top, take the size of the cake (ex: 8×8″)  and add 1/2″ on all four sides of the board. 

Note: Adding 1/2″ to the dimensions on all four sides of the foam core board will allow 1/4″ for icing the cake and 1/4″ for the depth of the foam core board.

Step. 2:  Place the foam core board onto the self-healing mat. Using the O’Lipfa’s Lip Edge guide with a graphic pencil mark the dimensions of the cake to the foam core board. Add 1/2″ and mark again.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 3:  With an exacto knife cut-out the pattern.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 4: For the gift box top edges, mark and cut-out four (4)  1 – 1/4″ foam core strips to the size dimensions of the cake. Add  1/4″ or more in length for the strip to trim.

Gift Bos Cake Top 3

Step 5: Using a glue gun, spread the hot glue on the edge of the top board; attach three (3) boards; trim edges.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 6: With a flat blade kitchen knife, trim the last (4th) strip to fit.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 7. Hot glue the edge and attach the last strip and; trim. Now the four (4) edge strips are adhered to the foam core cake top.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 8: Mix 1/2 teaspoon Tylose to the modeling chocolate or fondant. Knead.

Step 9: Side Gift Box Strips: Sprinkle cornstarch onto the mat. Roll out the sugar paste using the self-healing mat. With the mat’s ruler guide, cut-out the four (4) side strips, leaving 1/4″ to trim.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 10: Gift Box Top: Sprinkle cornstarch onto the mat. Roll out on the sugar paste using the self-healing mat. With the mat’s ruler guide, cut-out the top pattern, leaving 1/4″ to trim. Note: Gently laying the top of the box onto the rolled out sugar paste is a pattern size indicator.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 11: Line a cookie sheet with wax paper or parchment; sprinkle with cornstarch. Gently move the sugar paste cut-outs to the lined cookie sheet. Place into the fridge for 30 – 45 minutes; until cool and firm, easy to handle.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 12: Apply Crisco or lard to the foam core strips. Attach 3 strips and trim away  excess sugar paste with an exacto blade or flat knife. Attach the 4th strip and trim. Press gently to adhere the sugar paste to the foamcore board. Using a fondant smoother; round and smooth the edges and sugar paste.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 13: Apply Crisco or lard to the foamcore gift box top. Center sugar paste and trim away the excess. Adhere and smooth the sugar paste using a fondant smoother.

Gift Box Cake Top

Step 14: Using a sugar paste extruder filled with sugar paste, choose a disc shape, refine the top edges to disquise the seam. Apply the trim using a small brush dampen with water.

Step 15: Balance and place the gift box cake top on a 28-ounce (large) can from the pantry; allow to dry overnight.

Note: To trim or design the sugar paste for this gift box cake top, it is easier to work with thoroughly chilled (not frozen) fondant or modeling chocolate. If there is difficulty in trimming or designing, place the covered foamcore, back into the fridge until the sugar paste is firm.

Now it’s time to decorate and have fun with this lightweight and sturdy Gift Box Cake Top! For more details on how the box top is decorated, mosey on over to the Gift Box Cake Top Bow tutorial.

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How to Make a Gift Box Cake Top
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