Illuminated with a flameless tealight, this Glowing Fondant Ghost Topper gives off spooky vibes!

And who can resist an adorable little ghost, glowing invitingly in the dark? It’ll take your Hallows’ Eve party table, ‘over the witches moon!’

Casting a magical ‘BOO’ spell, this spooky ghost will create a ghostly party theme floating as a cupcake topper or as an illuminating accent on a plate full of goodies.

Afterall, the guests are anticipating the boo’s! You can’t disappoint them….can you?

Here’s a sweet treat for your bag of goodies! Behind the Cake has a tutorial & YouTube video,  ‘How to make Halloween Cupcakes.’ The cupcakes are ‘bootiful’ for a Hallow’s Eve decorating party for your ghosts and witches and creatures of fright.  Simple spooktacular fun!

Hope you enjoy this Glowing Fondant Ghost Topper tutorial. Thanks for dropping by. Take off your boots & sit for a spell.

And while you’re here, mosey on over and take a gander at the Halloween Fudge. Its nostalgia with a spooky twist!

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Glowing Fondant Ghost Topper

Add Tylose to a small ball of white fondant; wrap with saran wrap and set aside.

Knead Model Magic into a oblong and continue to shape the form size that’s needed for the ghost. Allow to dry for a few hours or overnight.

Note: the form must be firm enough to hold it’s shape.

Roll out the white fondant thinly; use the 4″ biscuit cutter; protect and cover fondant lightly with plastic wrap.

No biscuit cutter? With a pastry cutter, cut out the fondant into a circle shape.

Wrap the form with saran wrap; twist into place and trim away any overlap on the bottom of the form.

Center the circle cut out piece of fondant over the form. Gently stretch and smooth, keeping the bulk of the fondant towards the backside of the ghost.

Shape the fondant. Avoid making creases by using a paint brush for the folds. Smooth gently.

Lift the bottom of the hem to create movement. Add small cut pieces of paper towels between the fondant and saran wrap.

Allow the qhost to dry for a few hours or until the form holds its shape.

Carefully loosen the bottom edge of the ghost with a pallette knife. With fingers, grab the twisted edge of saran wrap and gently pull the fondant away from the mold.

Once the ghost is free from the mold, wad up saran wrap and place inside the hollow fondant for support; set aside to dry.

With a circle cutter the size of the LED tealight, cut out a piece of fondant; set aside to dry.

The cut out piece of fondant will sit directly onto the cupcake’s icing and will be a base for the LED tealight.

Press a tiny piece of black fondant into the mini eye shapes mold; clean the edges with a palette knife. Place into the freezer for a few minutes; unmold.

Attach the eyes with a small paintbrush and a dab of water.

If your hand is steady and true, draw the eyes with a black Bakerpan finetip food color pen.

And now you have a spooky ghost! Happy Halloween!

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Glowing Fondant Ghost Topper
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