Forget the time-consuming groove board and use this Gumpaste Wired Leaf Hack. Step-up your sugar paste game because it’s ‘assembly line time!’ Hi! My name is Brenda and I was a leaf procrastinator. I’ve turned over a new leaf since creating this fast and easy hack. And with all due respect, do proclaim that I’ve never returned nor even contemplated returning back to the dark groove side. I’m an enlightened groove-free leaf survivor.

In the olden days, when making a leaf for a flower, I’d put a small amount of gumpaste on a groove board, roll it to make a groove, use a leaf cutter, slowly insert the wire, thin the edges and then place the leaf into a leaf veiner.

Making a wired gumpaste leaf was tedious work.

After making sugar flowers, I’d always spend a few days admiring their beauty and then <bam> leaf reality would lift its wormy head blasting in a panic, ‘It’s all about the leaves…oh noooo….it’s the time for leaves!!’

It was a royal pain in the booty!

One afternoon, sitting and <ahem> staring  <okay procrastinating> at the second wired leaf for the day and dreading the third, I studied the groove board on the craft desk and mulled over the main reason for using the board.

Then it dawned on me, ‘All I needed was a piece of gumpaste the size of the groove to use with the leaf veiner.’

And it was <drum roll please> leaf paradise.

Admiring an effortless dozen leaves drying on the foam pad was the perfect time to turn-on some oldies but goodies & dance the leaf line dance.

It was amazing. The sugar hack worked. I was leafstein! And at that very moment, I turned over a new leaf.

Now it’s time for the Gumpaste Wired Leaf Hack tutorial. Hitch up your boots and stay awhile. ‘Cause it’s time to crank up the music & learn the new leaf  line dance!

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Update: the YouTube Easy & Fast Fondant Wired Leaves video is faster & easier if you’re making a small amount of leaves.  Add tylose powder mixed in with the fondant instead gumpaste.

Gumpaste Wired Leaf Hack – Equipment Required

Sugar tip: after coloring the gumpaste green, it’s time to sit down and make a batch and save the leaves in a sealed container. When a leaf or two is required, just add color dust and the flower.

It’s procrastination, nevermore!

Step 1: Color the gumpaste using Lime Green and Spring Green food-safe colors. Wrap the gumpaste tightly with plastic wrap; allow to rest for an hour.

Step 2: Using the Wilton 9″ rolling pin, roll out the gumpaste into a rectangle; even thickness.

Place the end of the gumpaste into the pasta roller on the #7 setting. Continue to roll the gumpaste thinner until reaching the #4 setting.

Step 3. Cut out leaf shapes on the self-healing mat. To keep the gumpaste pliable, place the cut out leaves into a sleeve of a gumpaste storage board.

Step 4: With a CelPin, thin around the edges of the leaf. Once thinned, place the leaf back into the gumpaste storage board.
Step 5: Form a piece of gumpaste into a log and insert into the sugar extruder. Cut the extruded piece of gumpaste in half.
Step 6: Flatten the extruded piece with your fingers.
Step 7: With a brush, dampen the extruded piece with a dab of water.
Step 8: Attach the flattened gumpaste to the floral wire and place into the center crevice of the leaf veiner.
Step 9: Place the cut out leaf on top of the extruded wired gumpaste. Note: if using 50 fondant/50 gumpaste, lightly dust the veiner with cornstarch.
Step 10: Place the top of the leaf veiner over the bottom; press firmly.
Step 11. Remove the wired gumpaste leaf from the leaf veiner.
Step 12: Allow the wired gumpaste leaves to dry on a foam mat overnight.

Fast & easy! Now all you have to do is shade and color the leaves with a mixture of edible dusts to compliment beautiful sugar flowers.

Hope you enjoyed the Gumpaste Wired Leaf Hack tutorial. Take off your boots & stay awhile. For more sugar hacks mosey on over to the Perfect Cake Hack & Perfect Cake Board Hack.

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Here's to the sweet life,

Brenda Broadway, Sugar Artist & Blogger

Gumpaste Wired Leaf Hack - Fast & Easy!
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