How to make trendy cakes using template designs will make your cakin’ life easier and less stressful.

Learning design dimensions as a newbie was a hard lesson. And without a firm design, there was disappointment and times the cakes looked weird or off-balance and there was redo – over ‘n over.

Now, I’m not saying ALL the cakes made  winging the design was a total wash-out. But looking back on those newbie days, I wish I’d learn a ‘wee’ bit quicker on how important designing and cakin’ meshed together for success.

How to Make Trendy Cakes Using Template Designs

And in this short YouTube video are cake tips and information about the cakes that are designed with templates. My gift to you!

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Throughout my cakin’ journery, I’ll make a few comments of what I did … not exactly right? And there are multiple examples when stopping to think. Keep in mind, this gal doesn’t exert herself over-the-stove to make a livin’. Kudos who do! I feel your back pain.

Now don’t think too much of this image, I was a newbie and Photoshop was __?  With that in mind, how could I have made this design more amazing?

Simple. The bottom tier was less equal in height to the top. Sigh. All that sugar work (including the ducky) was a step below of being what? Awesome. And that logo? Seriously … it needs to be? Smaller?

Okay … don’t look at the HUGE distorted logo. Sigh. My turning point for cake design was this Bas Relief Candle Cake.

Proud of this wedding cake. I began to get it right. And all it took was a designated sketch dimensional design. Whew!

Yeah, I know all of these cakes look pretty darn good (for a newbie) but just take a step back and know that with a template … it’s a darn sure thang!

So my gift to you is to help you to be successful in knowing … how to make trendy cakes using template designs.

Ya gotta love me! smile

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And if you’re gonna create one of my template designs, check-out Liz Marek, Sugar Geek Show’s blog post and video on how to make an Easy Barrel Cake. 

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How to Make Trendy Cakes Using Template Designs
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