An intimate wedding anniversary cake. It’s perfect for a small wedding or to celebrate a milestone anniversary with friends. 

The design of this wedding anniversary cake can be changed and the heart (with or without) the bridal couple in the center and with this in mind, the doves are the main focal part of the design.

Anyhow, attach the doves to the heart with royal icing and allow the decoration to air dry on a cake dummy before placing onto the buttercream cake.

On the back of the heart, a dab of buttercream will adhere the design to a chilled cake.

Finally, long black hat pins for the eyes, adheres the doves onto the heart design. Last but not least, don’t forget to remove the pins before serving the cake.

Be sure to stop and watch the wedding anniversary video. You will be delightfully amazed on how easy the decorations are to make!

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Intimate Wedding Anniversary Cake
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