A free template and time lapse video for this Mermaid Cake tutorial gives the ‘fins up‘ to customize the cake.

Personalize this celebration cake by changing the colors of her eyes, hair and skin tone to make this birthday cake just like her.

‘Cause little girls dream of being and seeing a mermaid.

Raindrops fell from the sky…

It was a rainy day and it wasn’t suppose to be. Tomorrow was her birthday and Sunday she would leave.

Lots of local trinkets glistened in the sand. Bright colored beads made into long seaworthy strands.

Gifts to the mermaids that were known to swim by the shore. Candies and chocolates even a few of her favorite s’mores.

A gust of wind blew the clouds away and on the nearest buoy she saw her first mermaid.

Bedazzled in splendor tapping her tail in rhythm. The lighthouse and the rocks turned into an amazing prism.

Enchanting folklore rode with the wave. The lure of the siren song lifted her heart to be brave.

Mesmerized to swim to the musical sway. Should she go to the mermaid or listen to her mother and stay?

A hypnotic tone came from a sandhill nearby. The mystical mermaid beckoned with a smile.

Dazzling in the mermaid’s hair a sea urchin strand of pearls. Ocean creatures swam around creating sandy swirls.

Relaxing on a pearly pillow inside an iridescent shell, lounged the fashionable diva who knew her so well.

All about the tokens on the beach given to her pods. How the merfolk queen had graciously given the birthday nod.

For the celebration expect a big surprise, the gift will be a trustworthy mermaid in human folk disguise.

The party started and she couldn’t find her mom. And where was the mermaid who promised to come?

Lights dimmed, candles blazed bright and her eyes blinked twice to see. Standing before her was the prettiest mermaid, this day was meant to be.

Gifting a replica Mermaid Cake her heart began to soar and never in her wildest dreams imagined this before.

For all this time she’d never guessed what life had in store. For her Mother was the mermaid, the one she’d always wished for.

Moral of the Story: Birthday wishes do come true and always trust your Mom to do what’s best for you.


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Mermaid Cake
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