Are you searching for that elusive and perfect round cake pop without all the lumps, cracks and boo-boos? I hear ya! In this tutorial are 6 flawless tips to show you how to make No Bake Cake Pops and to finish with a smooth cake base for dipping. And the best part, it’s time managed to guarantee you a stress-free cake poppin’ time!

For the cake pop life of me, I struggled to make the simple round cake pop appear to be <ahem> simple and round. In the beginning, I must have gone through countless recipes – some with oil, others with butter, plus the magic potion of applesauce – and the cake pops all tasted delish, they just looked so forlorn and pathetic wrapped in their themed ribbon party sleeves.

And the truth be told, the recipes were all perfect for the task, I was just clueless and didn’t realize it was all about technique and texture when rolling cake pops.

No matter how many times I’d do the hand rolling motion, the final end results were placed into the categories of lumpy, bumpy or droopy. And the worst one of the bunch was the crack-in-the-ball  cake pop that always disappeared and then magically appeared on my waistline.

Afterwards, it was so disheartening to stare at the hours of work and realize that out of a dozen party worthy cake pops, the rest were labeled and thrown into the freezer discarded lot. Not to mention, the dreadful worry of a guest honestly making the comment, “Oh cake pops! Did your grandson make these?”

Yeah…I’ve been there…done that! I hear ya! So let’s remedy the issues with this tutorial, No Bake Cake Pops & 6 Flawless Tips.

Get your lollipop sticks ready for it’s time to eliminate the lumps, cracks and boo-boo’s and to achieve a perfect  round cake pop!

Let’s have lots of fun cake poppin’ with the No Bake Cake Pops! And while you are here, don’t forget to mosey on over to the Sunflower Cake Pops that were created using this cookie base recipe  After all, one begets the other!

No Bake Cake Pops Recipe & 6 Flawless Tips

  • 1 lb 3 oz Sandwich cookies
  • 8 ounces Cream Cheese, room temperature

Yum! Two ingredients, Oreos and cream cheese are all this recipe needs to be delectable! But don’t just stop with Oreos, there are many different kinds of sandwich cookies flavors to explore – lemon, strawberry, vanilla & more! From this point forward in this tutorial, allow your creative taste buds to run wild.

There are times when baking and chilling a  cake for cake pops  interrupts life’s busy schedule and using a cookie base is the perfect solution. Plus the added benefit for using sandwich cookies: the cookies are prepared and baked in a professional bakery and the cake pops stay fresher tasting – albeit with perservatives.

Before we begin making our cookie base, the sandwich cookies must not be labeled, over-stuffed or double-stuffed with filling. And with that said, let’s go ahead and cram the food processor with original filled sandwich cookies.

Pulse the food processor until the cookies are in small chunks. Now don’t go pulse crazy here, we are looking for small cookie pieces, not to obliterate the cookies.

Divide the cream cheese into chunks and gently pulse the food processor until combined.

Now don’t panic! Even though the batter will look mixed, you will notice a little oil coating the food processor. This is normal! And the cookie batter will be soft in texture – really soft.

Tip 1: Powdered free gloves. Not only are your hands warm, no amount of scrubbing is going to eliminate all the bacteria. If scrubbing without gloves worked, then surgical doctors would operate barehanded.

Okay…my OCD rant is over. Just make sure to use powdered free gloves.

In the photo, notice the oily residue. This is normal at this stage of cake poppin’. If gloves weren’t being used, the warmth of the hands while rolling the batter into a cake ball is going to decrease the oil from the cake pop.

Tip 2: Cake Ball Former. On the web, there are different kinds of formers used for cake balls. One popular one (that I’ve never used) is the meat baller.

I love and recommend the one I’m using for this no bake cake pop tutorial, Cake Pop Ball Mini-Mold. It’s the perfect size for cake pops, not oversized or too small.

Now on to the tutorial…

Make an oversized cake ball and place the batter into the cake ball former.

Press the lid of the cake former over the bottom half. Don’t be too concerned about making a perfect cake ball at this stage or pressing to remove all the excess batter.

Tip 3: Refrigerate. At this stage, the cake ball isn’t very smooth and it’s still too soft to work into a finished cake pop.

Now it’s time to wrap the soft cake balls with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Take a break and don’t be concerned that the cake balls aren’t holding their exact shape.

Tip 4: Reshape. Take a cake ball (leave the rest of the cake balls in the fridge while reshaping) out of the fridge, with gloves, roll the cold balls quickly and place back into the former. Press out and wipe off excess batter.

And….now a perfect round & smooth cake pop for dipping! YAY!

Tip 5: Use the Former for Support. Dip the lollipop stick into melted candy melts. Using a twisting motion, insert the lollipop stick into the cake ball. Gently remove the cold cake ball without touching the lollipop stick.

Tip  6: Insert Cake Pop into a Styrofoam Block & Refrigerate. Make sure the cake ball is straight and level. Immediately, place the cake ball into the fridge. The cake balls must remain chilled.

After the cake balls are attached and re-chilled, cover the cake balls lightly with plastic wrap and allow to sit in the fridge until firm or overnight.

In the next tutorial, Sunflower Cake Pops, I’ll give you tips on how to achieve a perfect smooth finish to your cake pops! Don’t miss it!

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6 Flawless Tips - No Bake Cake Pops
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