My baking confidence increased ten-fold after discovering this Perfect Cake Board Hack. No scenario is worse to a home baker, than to spend hours on a party creation and then feel the cake  shift, as the cake board buckles underneath their hands from the weight of the cake.

Perfect Cake Board Hack

The cardboard circles, found in the local craft stores, has its place in cake decorating. The circles come in handy when cooling and flipping a cake or in the torte and leveling process. But when it comes down to supporting a tiered cake, the circle tends to soak up the oils making the cardboard unreliable and soggy.

This Perfect Cake Board Hack tutorial shows how to have an even # size board for a buttercream or ganache iced cake and a 1/4″ increment added to the board for a fondant cake.

Perfect Cake Board Hack

This method is also ideal for those time-consuming parchment rounds, making that tedious task, fast & easy.

Perfect Cake Board Hack – Equipment Required

The cutter cuts perfect circles from 4-inch to a 12-inch diameter at 1/8″ increments and has a double-sided blade allowing for clockwise and counterclockwise cutting; additional cutting blades can be purchased.

Perfect Cake Board Hack

Step 1: Set the diameter of the cutter to the size needed. Place a 1/4″ foam core board onto a Fiskars Healing Mat. Align the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter on the foam core board; press down on the center of the cutter and with the other hand use the blade to go backward and forward cutting out the circle. The blade cuts in increments; press down harder as the blade goes deeper, cutting out the circle. Note: don’t expect this action to be a one-time cut. For a smooth cut, do a gradual cut to the foam core board.

Perfect Cake Board Hack

Step 2: Lift the cutter from the board. With an exacto knife, follow the ridge of the cut-out circle on the board.

Perfect Cake Board Hack

Step 3: Now you have a sturdy cake board with a protective and washable coating for your decorated party cake. It’s a win-win!

Perfect Cake Hack

Perfect Cake Board Hack – Cutting Parchment

There are many tutorials about how to cut parchment rounds on the web. I’ve tried them all! Nothing compares to the speed of using the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter. It’s super fast & easy!

Perfect Cake Board Hack Parchment Rounds Step 1: Tape a square around the four edges; slightly larger than the size parchment round that is needed. Set the cutter to the diameter.

Perfect Cake Board Hack Parchment Rounds

Step 2: With two swipes around with the blade, you have a perfect parchment round.

Perfect Cake Board Hack Parchment Strips

Step 3: For the parchment side strips for the baking cake pan, roll-out parchment paper to the length needed. Using the O’ Lipfa Lip Edge Ruler, line the ruler up for the width needed for the parchment strips. Cut-out with an exacto knife on the Fiskas Healing Cutting Mat. Makes the tedious task a breeze!

And for a bonus round: If your mindset is still focused on using the cardboard circles. Get out the glue gun and glue two circles together; two circles = 1/4″.

To protect the cardboard from the becoming unreliable from the oils, use Wilton Fanci-Foil Wrap. Cut-out a larger circle than the cardboard; enough to wrap underneath the cake. Turn the circles over. Pleat the foil and glue the wrap underneath.

Perfect Cake Board Hack Cardboard Circles

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Perfect Cake Board Hack - Simple & Save $$
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