My cake life spiraled 180 degrees upon discovering  The Perfect Cake Hack. I’ve discarded the old ways to torte and level a cake.

No more long nights of baking, filling and crumb coating a cake. No more frustrations to achieve sharp edges on a cake. And anxiety wrecking the kitchen, nevermore.

My cake baking life is simply a cake walk journey.

And perfecting a Naked Cake is as simple as 1..2..3.

I’ll let you in on a  little sugar secret. I’ve gone over to Kristen’s Cake Side. She’s super wicked.

Wicked as can be!

Kristen is Wicked Goodies.

Perfect Cake Hack(Click-on to see inside Kristen’s book.)

There are times when God places someone special in your life.

Kristen is one of those amazing people living in the universe. She’s encouraged my sugar art journey and I cannot be more thankful for her guidance.

And once again, Kristen came to my rescue.

Stressed with a five-layered wedding cake, an email arrived into my inbox. A remedy to halt long sleepless nights appeared right before my eyes.

The Perfect Cake Hack!

In that instance, my cake life changed for the better.

My cake life changed FOREVER!

Time spent applying buttercream onto a cake has been reduced. No more cake worries about straight and even sides. And side bulges on cakes covered with fondant and modeling chocolate, nevermore.

Now it’s a relaxing time spent to decorate a cake.

No stress. And it’s easy as 1..2..3.

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 The Perfect Cake Hack – Equipment Required

You didn’t think I’d spill all of Kristen’s secrets? Now mosey on over to Wicked Goodies and watch the, ‘New Layer Cake Video Series – Part 2 – Filling and Depanning.’

Here’s the link:

Note: Kristen uses a torch instead of a heat gun to depan cakes. She’s a professional chef with 17+ years of experience in the baking industry.

I stared at the torch for days and never got up the nerve to flick the switch.

Visions of the kitchen going up in smoke. Bangs being crispy fried. And the worse possible scenario flittered around my thinking process.

When I opened the Wagner Heat Gun, I knew that it was the solution to my fear issue.

The heat gun works like a charm.  Easy to use with a high and low heat switch. And the cake depans like a dream.

Thanks for dropping by! The Perfect Cake Hack method will make your life sweeter, one cake at a time. Mosey on over and checkout the Perfect Cake Board Hack.

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Here's to the sweet life,

Brenda Broadway, Sugar Artist & Blogger

The Perfect Cake Hack
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