Lure your guests to the party stop with these Pokéball Cupcake Toppers. Edible and simple to do, these toppers will make your Pokémon party evolve to the next level.

….cause, ‘It’s hard to catch ’em all when you don’t have enough balls..’

Is your Alpha Pokémon Trainer focused with finding Pocket Monsters?

You are not alone…Pokeball Cupcake ToppersC’mon over with me and lets hone in your GPS, correlate the location, whip out your phone and scan the Pokémon tutorials.

And while you are here, make sure to catch the recipe, Small Batch Chocolate Cupcakes. Combined with the Pokéball Cupcake Toppers, you will easily superimpose your Pokémon party into an augmented reality.

It’ll be a Pokémon GO! when all the Trainers head on over to the Pokégym to prepare for battle and thereby proclaim your birthday party event … simply legendary.

To enhance your busy life, in our Pokémon YouTube series, I’ve included in each video, how to make and store your party goodies in advance (except for this one.)

The toppers can be made weeks in advance. Store the pokéball in a container and out of direct sunlight. The sun will fade the red half-sphere. And to make your pokéballs shine: right before the party, dab on a bit of vegetable shortening or lard.

Thanks for swiping in! For your convenience, here’s a list for the online Pokéball Cupcake Toppers supplies: Cake Pop Mold, Plunger Cutters, Circle Cutters, Red and White Candy Melts.

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How to Make Pokéball Cupcake Toppers
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