Pokémon Toy Cookies with a surprise inside is a Pokémon GO! for the Trainers attending your Pokémon party.

And it’s a legendary ending as a party favor.

When I began to design these gingerbread  domed Pokéball cookies, my main catch was to hide a mini Pokémon for the Trainers to find once the battle was over.

And since I’m a sweet blogger and GlamMa (who has no sugar limits) the Pokémon Toy Cookies as a party favor needed to be made in advance.

‘Cause my Trainer had battle station expectations for Pokéball Cupcake Toppers, Pokémon Cupcakes and a sculpted Shiny Gengar Cake at this Pokéstop.

To achieve the status as a ‘Mega GlamMa’ in my Trainer’s eyes, the cookies needed to be a ‘no-fail’ treat and this meant before making the cookies for the party, a sample cookie was designed, a storage technique was verified and most importantly, a taste test of the finished cookie.

‘Pika Pika!’ It was a Pokémon GO!

And you’ll ‘catch ’em all’ in the step-by-step video below…

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For this tutorial, I used a gingerbread cookie dough by, Julia M. Usher and for icing the cookie a recipe from, Baking Sweet Hope. For rolling out the cookies, The Cookie Thing.

Online supplies: Plunger cutters, circle cutters and silicone mold.

And here’s where to find the mini-Pokémons on Amazon.

For an eye-catching display for your pokéballs, this DIY Wooden Cupcake Stand is the way to ‘catch ’em all!’.

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Brenda Broadway, Sugar Artist & Blogger

How to Make Pokémon Toy Cookies
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