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Chipotle Chocolate Ganache Recipe Yum
Kick-up your cake a notch (or maybe two) with this sweet 'n spicy Chipotle Chocolate Ganache. Complimentary with grilled meats, it's the 'guinda del pastel' that withstands the Texas heat. (Well in the shade that is, 'cause nothin' is that non meltable but it's pretty darn close.) ~recipe by BB Bakes Sugar Art
  1. Add chipotles with adobe sauce to a heat-proof bowl. (1 chipotle pepper with adobe sauce = mild smoked spicy flavor.)
  2. In a saucepan, stir and bring cream to a slight boil over moderately low heat and pour over peppers. Carefully swirl bowl to submerge peppers in hot cream. Cover and chill overnight.
  3. Roughly chop chocolate; add to a heat-proof bowl.
  4. Reheat chipotle cream, stir to a slight boil over moderately low heat; remove chipotle peppers. Pour over chocolate; swirl the bowl to submerge chocolate.
  5. Cover and allow ganache to stand undisturbed for 5-minutes.
  6. Whisk ganache gently until smooth.
  7. Cool ganache to room temperature. (The ganache should coat a spoon nicely when ready for cake coverage.)
  8. Set a chilled cake onto a wire rack with a sheet pan underneath (to catch drips), pour ganache onto the top center of the cake.
  9. Quickly spread ganache evenly over top and sides of the cake with a long, narrow spatula.
  10. Allow cake to stand at room temperature until ganache is set; approximately 5-minutes.
  11. Keep cake at a cool temperature in the fridge until ready to serve.
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