Ever wonder how to make square cupcakes and where do you purchase square cupcake liners? I did. Over and over again, the internet yielded no answers to my inquiries.

For all my effort, it was a waste of time.

Since you buzzed the hive, life has gotten easier. It’s a simple answer to a perplexing question. And as a result, ya gotta love me!

To give the design ‘pizzazz’, square cupcakes can be glazed (above photo), icing dripped or decorated with squares of chocolate (below is Lindt White Coconut) or add fondant toppers.

The elegance of square cupcakes beats the drum with style & grace.

Lest don’t forget, all the Minecraft or Sponge Bob parties that need squares to compliment the celebration theme. By the way, It’s hip to be square.

There is one more thing I need to mention: cupcake liners with foil inside the paper are easier to shape into squares.

In conclusion to the blog post, here’s a quick YouTube video.

How to Make Square Cupcakes YouTube

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How to Make Square Cupcakes
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