Sweet and dainty! These Sunflower Cake Pops make versatile party favors for special occasions – birthdays, bridal showers, wedding & more. 

Sunflowers & daisies growing in a cake pop flower pot with a little hint of dirt at the base, vining up with sugar leaves to the very top of the lollipop stick and ending with a beautiful detailed sunflower are deliciously sweet!

The floral design can be changed in so many different ways when color coordinating the cake pops to a party theme. To name a few: add delicate butterflies, floral hearts or simply sugar sparkle the cake pop. Go ahead and let your imagination swirl with creative ideas!

Sunflower Cake Pops are inviting at a party or event, all eyes will be on these delicate flowers. And the cake pops are so tempting to be picked, you will receive rave reviews!

While you are here, mosey on over to the 6 Flawless Tips No Bake Cake Pops tutorial on how to achieve  these perfect round cake pops.

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Sunflower Cake Pops – Equipment Required

Sugar Tips:

(1) I love small canning jars for dipping cake pops! It’s easy to gauge the temperative of the candy coating just by holding the jars. I’ve found mini silicone spatulas are also perfect for stirring the candy melts in the jars.

(2) Always keep the cake balls chilled in the fridge (not freezer.) If the cake balls are not chilled, the ball will fall off the stick and into the candy coating/melts.

(3) For more information on how to make a smooth perfect cake ball, mosey on over to the 6 Flawless Tips No Bake Cake Pops tutorial.

Step 1: Fill the jar with the chosen color candy melts. Place in the mircrowave on 50% power for 45 seconds. Stir. Repeat one more time.

With the microwave on 45% power, continue for 30 seconds until melted. Being very careful to allow the candy melts to slightly cool in the jar, gauging the heat in the palm of your hand; constantly stirring.

The canning jar should NEVER feel hot to hold. The jar needs to feel warm – not too warm or hot. Melting the candy melts takes patience. Don’t rush the melting stage.

Continue adding candy melts and stirring until the jar is filled with the melted coating. Once the candy melts are ALL smooth, add 1/2 teaspoon of Paramount Melting Crystals. Stir until combine. If the candy melts are not fluid, continue to add another 1/2 teaspoon until a smooth dipping consistency.

If reheating after adding the crystals, lower the microwave power to 40% and 20 – 25 seconds each time. The crystals tend to overheat the candy melts after adding to the jar. Use caution.

Step 2: Dip the chilled cake ball into the melted candy melts; twirl slowly around making sure to evenly coat the cake ball.

Step 3: Lift the cake pop straight-up and gently shake to allow the excess to flow off the cake ball.

Place the cake pop onto parchment paper and align/straighten.

Important: Immediately put the cake pop back into the fridge. When the cake pop is dipped chilled, the batter inside the pop will expand. If the cake pop coating is not allowed to harden in the fridge, a crack in the cake pop will occur. Keep the cake pops chilled.

Allow the cake pops to harden in the fridge overnight. When decorating a cake pop, take one pop out of the fridge at a time.

Step 4: Wrap decorated tape tightly over the lollipop stick. I prefer to wait to add the tape since it’s not a food-safe ink. Carefully start with the tape at the base (without touching the coating.) Wrap one cake pop at a time and place back into the fridge.

Add a second mini baking cup underneath each cake pop for stability.

Step 5: Cut-out two circles with the circle cutter and with a knife cut a slit. Wrap the brown sugar paste around the top/base of the lollipop stick. Attach with chocolate edible adhesive.

Step 6: Roll kneaded and soft lime fondant or modeling chocolate into an oblong. Place into the sugar extruder and extrude using a circle disc.

Press the vine into the base of the chocolate and wrap around the lollipop stick; attach the vine with chocolate edible adhesive where it touches the decorated tape. When the vine reaches the top, press firmly at the end of the lollipop stick.

Dab chocolate edible adhesive around the base of the brown fondant dirt. Attach different colors of sprinkles.

Step 7: Next, attach the sugar leaves with chocolate edible adhesive, alternating on the vine for a front and back view of the cake pop design.

Step 8: Lightly dust a flower mold with cornstarch; turn the mold over and tap out any excess cornstarch. Choose 2-3 flower designs to use for the Sunflower Cake Pops.

In the center of the mold indentation, press in a yellow fondant or modeling chocolate. Add and press in the second bold color. Carefully remove the flower. For the largest flower, make two each, for a front and back alternate design.

Note: I’ve had my flower mold….forever! Have used the mold for many sugar projects. On the affiliate links, there is a flower mold that is suggested that would work for this design and many other projects. 

Step 9: Attach the flowers with chocolate edible adhesive to the vine.

Step 10: After completing each one of Sunflower Cake Pops, place back into the fridge.

Another reason why I LOVE the small canning jars. After the cake poppin’ is done and it’s a wrap, screw the lid on the jar and store. The jar eliminates the messy clean-up, saves $$ and stores the candy melts for the next cake poppin’ time!

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How to Make Sunflower Cake Pops
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