Everyone has a unicorn, it’s just the matter of tracking her down and this Unicorn Princess Cake comes with a magical GPS.

Folklore reveals that only the pure at heart can catch a unicorn. And since you’ve landed here on this page, you meet the qualifications. Featuring a time lapse video this Unicorn Princess will materialize right before your eyes.

The day began as a normal day….

It turned into a magical morning the moment candy sprinkles began falling from the sky.

Twirling around with excitement, tasting the sweetness on my tongue, the soothing sounds of  wind chimes flowed though the vibrant leaves nearby.

And as I gazed into the crystal clear water, precious gemstones twinkled back at me like stars.  A ruby here, an emerald there and faceted diamonds were everywhere.

Entranced in the babbling brook, a meadow came into view.  Lollipops grew big as trees and gumdrops dotted the ground. And when the Unicorn Princess raised her head I didn’t make a sound

I took a step towards her and my feet began to glow and that’s when I noticed over my head was a brilliant rainbow.

Keeping time with the chimes the Unicorn Princess began to prance and when the musical beat grew stronger she performed the unicorn dance.

When the sound of music stopped she took a graceful curtsey.

Stifling  a loud giggle, oh me oh my, she looked so girlie.

The brightness of the day began to fade and all colors turned to grey. And as I watched the Unicorn Princess slowly vanish, my heart filled with dismay.

Did she leave because of me? I so wanted her to stay.

Oh please, oh please come back to me, it’s my birthday.

With a shake and a hug, a soft voice said, ‘Good morning, it’s time to celebrate.’

But I was in a bad mood, my dreams were smashed and I didn’t want to play.

If I didn’t have a Unicorn Princess my friends could come another day.

Walking into the room to oohs and ahs I couldn’t believe my eyes. Bedazzled in all her glory was the biggest surprise.

My birthday wish had been granted, the Unicorn Princess was true. I’d been gifted a treasure and I knew just what to do.

I’d take lots of photos and share them for years to come. For I’d been blessed on my birthday to see two unicorns.

And I’d caught one.

Imagine. Dream. Believe. 

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And always remember, a unicorn doesn’t stand around and worry about what other’s think.

It just sparkles.

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Unicorn Princess Cake
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